I love traveling ! Who doesn’t ? I am sure all of you love traveling to and this is why you have stumbled upon my blog. This page is dedicated to all the places I have visited after my wedding. Any information you need on a city that I have traveled to, it will be available here.

Mauritius, 4th Dec – 11th Dec 2007

Ok after going through most of the pros and cons of various honeymoon destinations, we had short listed Bali, Indonesia and Seychelles but have canceled it ( well I was always paranoid about the Tsunami thing and that’s what happened there last week). We now have decided to go Mauritius.We booked the package through our travel agent. We had booked the trip for 7 days and 6 nights. We are supposed to leave for Mumbai on 4th Dec, spend the entire day there and then take the early morning flight to Port Louis.The only trouble we had during the booking was finalizing the hotel. We finally did the booking after running around places to find out the good hotels; we short listed Hotel Ambre. The booking process went out very smoothly without any hiccups.

Day 1, 4th Dec 2007:

  • Yes, here i come baby… WoooHoooo !!! At RJT airport early morning to catch the first flight to mumbai. Looking forward for an awesome day trip there.
  • At Mumbai now, slept for a while at the hotel . Visited the In Orbit Mall at Guregoan. Did some window shopping, had lunch , got back to the hotel again and thennnnn we wnt to the JUHU BEACH 😀 It was the first time for me. I have never been to Juhu beach before. The first time I came to Mumbai was when I was 6 months old 😛 , later after that was in straight 2005 for office work and meeting my husband ( now, earlier he was a long distance boyfriend) at times. Since then there is looking back…Since 2005 I must have visited Mumbai like 10-15 times. Wow the paani puri at Junu beach was the spiciest I have ever had and the pau bhaaji was fab. U know all these years even after travelling so much in India, I never felt the need to taste Pau Bhaaji. It was the first time on April 23rd 2006, I tasted Pau Bhaaji and thanks to my hubby for it. At the hotel now, getting ready to leave for the airport.

Day 2, 5th Dec 2007:

  • Early morning 5th Dec we left for Mauritius through Air Mauritius. The visa was on arrival and it hardly took 15 mins for the entire process and cash withdrawal. A Nissan Altima was ready at the airport to take us to the hotel. It took us about 45 mins to drive down to the hotel. The drive was splendid, excellent roads unlike India. The hotel was excellent. But since we were very tired, we just had our breakfast, took a short walk on the beach and off to sleep. In the evening our tour guide helped us out with the plan for the next 3 days. The dinner was excellent. It was a buffet with a wonderful spread of various cuisines. Chinese, Indian, Continental, Italian. U name it, they have it. And the best part was the desserts. Aaahhh !! pasteries,cakes, ice creams, pies. Ok lets change the topic now. The hotel had a entertainment team and every night the team used to perform for the hotel guests. The show starts every night at 10pm and ends by 11pm followed by some awesome music at the discothèque.
  • NOTES: The entertainment team starts the show every night at 9pm – 10pm. Water at the hotel is expensive than beer, so make sure you carry some water if u are not willing to spend EUROS at the hotel for water.

Day 3, 6th Dec 2007:

  • Previous night I had set the alarm on my cell phone to wake up at 7.30am, but as you all know there is about 1hr 30 mins difference from the IST. So we basically got up at 6am. We were ready within 30 mins and went to the have breakfast. While walking through the hotel we realized that there were no hotel guests to be seen around. I was wondering if there was any Tsunami warning or something like that. When we reached the reception and checked the clock, it was 6.45am.We just couldn’t stop laughing. We were too early for breakfast or for the days trips to the city. We walked at the beach took a few snaps and came back for breakfast at about 8am. By 9am our taxi was ready and we hit the roads to visit Northern Mauritius. Our guide first took us to the famous Jumbo supermarket, were we shopped for mineral water, food items as our package did not include lunch and then we next went to the Fort Frederik Hendrik from there we could look at the entire capital of Mauritius, Port Louis We saw the Business center, the residential center of the capital. We saw the golden pagoda, the open church. We then went to GrandBay a famous shopping destination in Port Louis along with the harbour. There are about 300 shops, 150 eating joints, 3 huge casinos and multiplexes. The place was very tempting to shop for a lot of things but I had to keep Kirtan happy to I somehow controlled my self.We spent the entire afternoon at grandbay and got back to the hotel by 5pm. We then rested for a while and then went to the pub, had a few drinks and headed for dinner. Walked at the beach and tried to count the stars. We then headed for the entertainment program at 10pm. They performed the traditional Segaa dance. The beats were just fantastic.
  • NOTES: Water at Jumbo Supermarket is cheaper, so pick as many bottles as you want. Avoid shopping in the city, its expensive. There really is nothing apart from souvenirs that you can spend on. The mocktails at the Hotel Bar are a must try.

Day 4, 7th Dec 2007:

  • Today we are going to visit the northern part of the island.. we would be covering a lot of historical monuments, the diamond factory, miniature ship building factory, local markets, the highest point of Port Louis, the prime ministers home, the most posh locality of Port Louis, The Sleeping Volcano, a couple of shopping complexes, the Shiv Temple, the Ganga Talab, Waterfall, Seven Coloured Earth, Turtles and back to the Hotel.
  • Phewwww it was a longgggggggggg day.We went to place down the hill with 64 hair pin bends for lunch…Tell me something who would like to eat after like 64 hairpin bends man… lol
  • NOTES: Skip the 7 colored earth, Diamond factory and Turtles. Its a waste of time.

Day 5,  8th Dec 2007:

  • Yaaay ! Today is Under Sea Walk and Island Day 😛 Blue waters and white sands… Its gonna be awesome.
  • We got up packed our bags and ready to hit the ocean for under sea walk and spend one entire day at the island with lovely blue and white water. Today was the best day of my life. Water water water , white sand sand sand everywhere. Wow it was wonderful The Under Sea Walk with all those lovely fishes around us was fantastic. Cost : MR2500 with a CD of ur pics.
  • We didnt take any other water sport activities because we knew we had to go to Goa anyways… so there was no point spending money like crazy and going for those water sports activities. I definitely didnt find it worth it,

Day 6, 9th Dec 2007:

  • The day tours are over, now its time to rest, eat and sleep. Spent most of the time in the pool and ocean.

Day 7, 10th Dec 2007:

  • Tried Kayaking today. it was fun… collected lots n lot of shells today… made some new friends too 🙂

Day 8, 11th Dec 2007:

  • Sad about leaving this lovely place. Bags are packed, eyes at wet and legs are dry.I dont want to leave Port Louis.
  • Had lunch at the airport and now in the flight about to leave for Mumbai 😦

Day 9, 12 Dec 2007:

  • Back to base and i dont like it 😛


Hotel Name : Hotel Ambre

Total Cost with Flights and shopping: Rs 1,10,000/-

Travel agent at Port Louis: Sea Side Tours and Tavels.

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