Big Fat Indian Weddings !

Lavish weddings are always a highlight in India. I regularly watch a program on television on NDTV Good Times ” The Big Fat Indian Wedding” and I always look forward to watch this program because its just like a dream world in there. Lavish weddings, humongous sets, expensive bridal couture,excellent jewelery,  a lavish buffet, colorful clothes and the whos who at the wedding.

The other day they were featuring a destination wedding of the famous buisness tycoon at bangkok. The Muthas, had 500 guests and various themes for every event.For sangeeth they had the PAKIZA theme, with long endless trails of red color cloth, crystals and  some good sufi music. The bride wore a gorgeous red dress, but i think she should have chosen another color… Television stars performing on songs… and the family sets the dance floor ablaze.The marvari wedding the next day was a lavish affair with flowers flowers flowers everywhere…. It was just like a dream with a lovely soothing music at the background.

But what makes me think is the amount of money they spend on having such lavish weddings. They spend so much on return gifts for the guests who have arrived and so many unnecessary expenditures… Agreed that this is once in a lifetime event for the bride as well as the groom. But spending soo much.. is it really worth it ? I would prefer to give some part of that money to maybe a orphange…

What do you think about this ?


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