Twin parenting tips – sleep pattern 

  Never stress out over the sleep pattern of the child because indirectly you are stressing the child out as well. Kids in the first one year have different sleep patterns which changes often. I have seen and heard so many mothers panicking about kids not sleeping well at night. Here are a few pointers to remember – 
1. Children till the age on one will sleep when they want to and wake up when they want to. You trying to do anything is not really going to help. If you are one of those lucky mums then great congrats and j am very happy for you. 

2. Try changing the sleep pattern once in 2 months as per your need. You can give a sponge bath , a nice massage , breast feed the child, dim the lights and so on to try to put the child to sleep at night. 

3. Children cry because they can’t express what problem or concern they have . So don’t panic if the child is not willing to sleep at the time when you try . 

4. As long as the child is active, reaching milestones and sleeping sufficient amount of time in the first one year there is nothing to worry. 

5. Keep the child always warm. It helps in sleeping well. 

6. Always keep the curtains open and room bright during the day, even if the child is in her la la world. At nights keep the room dim and dark since day one. 

7. My kids never slept at nights from 2nd month to the 11th month. They used to be up from 7pm to 7am with just maybe 30 mins of sleep in between. I used to be up with them all the night feeding and changing diapers. At times used to take turn when hubby was around. I know it’s tough but make sure you eat well even if it’s not the time to eat. Make sure the tummy is full else you will start getting cranky and the child begins to get the vibes. 

8. I have never put my kids in a cradle that sways or in a palna as they call it. They have always slept in bed since day one. I also never had the habit of tapping them. Singling lullabies was only till the age of 1.5 years. The above might sound harsh. But children get used to such things easily and then later in life can get tough for you. You have two hands. You have two children. You are already a super woman and let’s not try to be a super duper super woman. Just put the child down, keep lots of pillows around her till she falls asleep. Let them learn to sleep on their own. 

Stay sane , happy sleeping and happy parenting.


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