Twin parenting tips – ROUTINE

Tip of the Day – ROUTINE So, I realise having a routine doesn’t suit everyone but if there was just one piece of advice I would give to new parents of twins it would be to have a routine. It doesn’t mean that you have to be rigid and stick to it religiously but I promise it will make your life much much much easier. Our twins were in a loose routine straight from the hospital. I have always fed them together, put them down for a nap together and went through the bedtime routine at the same time. When one woke for a feed in the middle of the night we’d wake the other one and feed together, then they would both go down together and sleep for a few hours till the next feed. At least this way you get a couple of hours sleep in between feeds. I had set times when they would be fed but in the early weeks these were flexible and often needed top ups inbetween. I always tried to keep them in routine as much as possible so it didn’t impact our life and keep us under pressure and tension all the time. It took us until about eight weeks to work out how to manage bedtime and other things . It doesn’t all come straight away and it’s hard work to keep going but as time goes on I’m so glad we stuck at it as it has made it easier now. 

 But yes proper schedules and routines are highly recommended when u have twins till the age of 5 atleast. We still follow strict schedules for my daughters and it really helps us a lot. Happy Parenting !


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