Twin parenting tips – Unsolicitated Advice 

Tip of the day — Unsolicited Advice (which is what I am also giving): I think every new mother gets this but what people don’t understand is that advice from a singleton mother doesn’t always mean much to a mother of multiples. I’ve had people insist that they know more just because they are a mother, but believe me when I say it’s completely different being a mom to multiples! So take it with a grain of salt, but your best advice is going to come from other moms who’ve walked in your shoes! Having twins is a completely different experience than having one baby at a time. One important thing that we need to understand when getting such advices is , YOU know what is best for your children and never take things to heart when someone speaks something negative about your parenting or your children. Remember that each child is different and your child has your genes. He will eat and do what you used to do as a kid or probably like your spouse. If someone says that your child is not gaining weight , be polite and tell them that even I was like them when I was young. 

If someone says they are very healthy, tell them the same that you were healthy too as a kid…and so on…don’t stress out over such things… Your doctor and you are the best judge and know what’s right for your child . Happy Parenting ! 



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