Packing kids lunch is something that all mothers dread because we clearly don’t want the kids to get the food back home. What they would like and so on. Here’s a pic of something I made for kids recently.

“Pulipongaralu ” as called in Telugu along with Kellogs Star and Moon Chocos , homemade banana chips and Roasted Cashewnuts !

Recipe for Roasted Cashewnuts Ingredients :

100gms – Cashwenuts

1 Tbsp – Ghee
Salt and pepper as per taste
Method :
Heat ghee in a pan and add cashew nuts . Roast for a while on medium flame and later add salt and pepper.
Recipe for Pulipongaralu

Ingredients :
1 cup – Urdh Dal
2 cups – Dosa rice
1 – finely chopped onion
1inch – finely chopped ginger
1 – finely chopped chill
5-6 curry leaves
1tbsp – finely chopped coriander leaves.
Method :
Soak the Rice and urdu dal for 3 hrs in warm water. Make a fine batter with the mixture and leave it overnight to ferment.
Take little batter and add the remaining ingredients with salt as per taste. Mix well and in a pan which looks like the one in the picture, pour the batter and add a few drops of oil over it. cook well till done by turning it around after a while !



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