Movie review – The Visit

Well, here’s a Shyamalan twist I don’t think anybody saw coming, and I know nobody is going to mind.It was a good movie, though i knew this would be the kinda movie he always makes and not for the romantic comedy kind movies that i usually watch.

“The Visit” is a simple story about two young kids  meeting their grandparents for the first time. Mom’s a little worried about sending the kids off alone. she’s been away from her parents since she left home, but she thinks the teens will enjoy it.And they do, for a while.

Until Nana starts wandering the house at night. Pop Pop spends an awful lot of time out in the shed doing something. And please don’t go in the basement

But here’s something to genuinely feel good about: This is M. Night Shyamalan’s best movie since “Signs” – maybe since “The Sixth Sense.” the-visit-scrolling-image


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