Seeing the Indian flag and listening to the national anthem of our country always brings some kinda feeling which cannot be described. It’s like a proud moment or rather I am proud to be an Indian kinda feeling. Watching this movie gave me the same feeling. 

Based on true story and the history that the Indian civil aviation made in 1990, the director made sure with his sharp and gripping story that we all enjoy this movie as we reach our country’s 67th republic day. An apt time to release the movie I must say especially after what happened at the Pathankot air base. 

The movie is about the time when Saddam Hussain declared war on Kuwait and sent his cruel forces to the city. All the Kuwaitis were killed on sight. 1.7lakh Indians who were homeless and penniless within a night had no choice but to reach the embassy and that’s when a well to do businessman ( in the movie it was mentioned as Ranjit Katyal but in actual there were two people named Mr Harbhajan Singh Vedi and Mr Sunny Mathews) decided to help all the Indians get out of the country. All his efforts finally paid off with the help of the Indian govt and they all reached India safely. 

The Indian airlines created history and also got into the Guinness book of record for conducting the largest evacuation in the history ever. 

Akshay Kumar was definitely the best choice and he did justice to the role. Nimrat Kaur finally realised what her husband was doing and stood by him.They aren’t an ideal, lovey-dovey, Bollywood-style couple. But when they know that something is not right, they stand up for each other.

I liked the movie, good direction. The story is definitely a bit different from what actually had happened and finally as the govt always keeps its secret a secret, this remained a secret for a few years as well. 

On 24th August 2013, after fighting a long lost battle with cancer diagnosed in January 2012 mr vedi lost his life.  An architect by profession and a consultant to many Kuwaiti high profile projects, one who was very close and loyal to the ruling Al- Sabah family. 

A must watch to bring out the Indian in you 🙂  

 4.5 stars 



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