Twin Parenting – Milestones

Milestones can be tricky, especially figuring out when your child should hit certain milestones that aren’t covered in the book. When can you put away the high chair? At what age can kids play alone in a childproofed room?

Of course, every kid is different. Children will follow their own developmental timeline, and parents need to individualize their decisions based on their own child.

stuffedanimal Sleep With a Stuffed Animal

Try it at 1 year The risk of suffocation is greatest for the 0-to-1 age group. And while babies 6 to 12 months old might be able to change position if a toy became lodged next to their mouth, they can’t always, so it’s better to play it safe and wait: Once a baby reaches his first birthday, he should be strong and agile enough to push a stuffed animal out of his way to prevent it from interfering with his breathing.

Smooth the transition Avoid going from a bare crib to loading it with a chunk of furry friends. One or two is plenty. Your baby needs room to move about as he settles to sleep; he won’t be as comfy if the crib’s crowded.


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