Twin Parenting – Milestones

Try it at 18 months to 2 years – Giving toddlers the opportunity to play by themselves fosters a sense of confidence and independence, some kids will find a way to get into trouble even in a childproofed room, but in general most kids this age should be safe for short periods of time as long as you stay within earshot. While your young toddler may still suffer from separation anxiety, she no longer needs you constantly by her side. Kids at this age may have the attention span to play for ten to 20 minutes on their own, as well as the manual dexterity to enjoy their toys more. If your toddler is super clingy, she may not be ready for this step; the only way to find out is to let her try.

Smooth the transition– Reassure her that you’ll be close by, and don’t go any farther away than the next room. Never leave her alone with food because she could choke without your knowing. Leave the door open (secured by a safety gate if the room you’re in is not childproofed) and make sure your child can always find you easily and quickly. Likewise, you should always be in a position to look at what is going on with your toddler every few minutes, especially if there’s silence. If you need to leave the area for a minute or two, to answer the door or phone, your child will most likely be safe. But it’s best to pick up your toddler and take her with you so it won’t seem like you’re sneaking away, which can undermine her trust.tea-party


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