Twin Parenting – Milestone 3

Ditch the High Chair
Try it at 2 to 3 years To make this move, your child has to be tall enough to sit on a chair at a table, strong enough to sit without support, and agile enough to not fall off the chair. Kids this age also begin to protest about being isolated because they want to be able to join their family at the dinner table.

Smooth the transition If you can adjust the high chair to table height, just remove the tray and pull the chair right up to the family table. Your 2-year-old may balk at being strapped into the high chair, but he may not be physically ready to sit in a grown-up chair. In that case, you can set up a small picnic or kids’ table in your kitchen that allows him the freedom to sit big-kid-style without the risk of falling from a real chair, recommends . Another option: Have him sit on a booster chair, which will give him extra height and the security of safety straps while still letting him join the rest of the family at the table. At the same time I used pillows as well to increase the height once they got over with the high chair.

PS- these tips are based on my experience. Can vary from child to child.11229683_10153391339986934_1167850093868182235_n


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