I have realized that I have been pathetic in maintaining my blog. Infact now when I planned to login, I was trying to recollect what the name of my blog was 😛  Some things have to change and lets try to start now here.

Things have been quiet hectic at my end or maybe I was busy doing nothing. When u have twins and you sit at home the entire day, ones mind stops kinda working. Concentrating on reading a newspaper also gets next to impossible. I have been busy , mentally completely drained out and physically exhausted.  Getting a house constructed aint a joke and getting it done when husband is away or rather knows nothing about it, with twins in hand who just dont stop talking ……………………………………………………………….Blah.

I need a break, only if someone would assure me that they can cook food the same way like I do and can take care of my kids the same way like I do… I will definitely run away.

There is so much to say and so much to do, but I realized that i would never be able to do them or ever speak.



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