There was a article today a friend posted on Facebook about Tatha  , and when i read the article tears just rolled down again. There was again a flash of memories of those 2 yrs spent with him and once the comments started coming in on that post, it was just so wonderful to see how many people appreciated and loved him.

I remember he telling me once in 9th to chose French because he knew that I had the ability to learn french, but I didnt have that confidence in myself and stuck to Hindi as second language. Fatima, one of my classmates was the one who took french and Tatha used to take teach her french. she was a daunting teacher and always willing to share his knowledge with the world. I remember he used to do Ganapati Pooja in the ganapati temple that we had in our school.

One of my friends had commented about we going to his house after Socials in 10th and most of the kids were crying. I cried because i knew that I was going to get out of the cocoon after 10th, I cried because I wont be able to met my school friends anymore and I cried because I knew that I wont be able to see tatha anymore. thankfully i did meet him twice after school. One before leaving mysore for good and second time when i went to invite him for my wedding. He was old so i knew that he wont be able to come to bangalore just for my wedding. But he blessed me and I am glad to have caught up with him one last time.

Heres the article that came out in Star of Mysore. Really no words at all to express this huge loss.




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