Project 365 – Day 8

We rarely take the metro. But this weekend was interestingly special.

1. Because it was vaikuntha ekadashi. 

2. My kitchen was officially closed for the day for the first time ever.

3. We spent the entire evening strolling 😀

We ended up getting up late today because if which we rreached the temple late and we ended up having brunch. And after the heavy brunch me and the kids were soooooooooo sleepy that we got back home and slept at 12.30pm :p

Evening we stepped out for a fun metro ride to MG Road and bumped into this lovely wall art on the Church Street exit. Definitely lifts up the mood there. We astrolled round the place. Took the gals for the first time to a gastropub and dinner at a not so great eating joint. 

Lovely climate and less people and less traffic on the roads. A wonderful day indeed. 


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